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Our Top 5 Wedding Floristry Books

Updated: Feb 7

We love sitting down with a hot cup of tea and a beautiful book - especially when it's about wedding flowers. As Lincolnshire wedding florists we often use these books to refer to in our consultations as they really help to guide ideas and provide inspiration. Here are our top 5 wedding floristry books.

  • The Cut Flower Patch by Louise Curley. At Violet & Vine, we grow some of our flowers and this book has been brilliant as is full of tips and advice on creating a cut flower patch. It also has suggestions on what to grow at different times of the year.

  • Grow Your Own Cut Flowers by Sarah Raven. Sarah is the queen of cutting gardens so this is a must have book if you want to grow your own. We also buy lots of seeds from her gorgeous website.

  • Rock My Wedding by Charlotte O'Shea. This book came from the brilliant Rock my Wedding website which is a bible for all things wedding. The book is beautiful and covers everything from decor to floristry. This would make a great gift for a recently engaged friend.

  • Vintage Wedding Flowers by Vic Brotherson. This is a go-to book for floral inspiration as it's packed with amazing photography with vintage looks from different eras.

  • Vintage Flowers by Vic Brotherson. Another book from Vic, and whilst this isn't wedding focused, it's still filled with lots of beautiful photos and is great for inspiration.

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