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Our Festive Wreaths

Beautiful festive wreath with greenery and pink touches

It's been a busy month of wreath-making at Violet & Vine HQ - we do love a festive wreath!

Gathering materials from our garden and raised beds and foraging in the hedgerows on our dog walks is such a lovely thing to do. It’s so lovely feeling that connection with nature and the changing seasons. We dry quite a lot of our home grown flowers and left overs from orders and use them to make dried wreaths for indoors.

We used clematis, honeysuckle and wisteria vines cut down from the garden to make our own wreath bases for these. We particularly like using ivy and eucalyptus for foliage and love berries, pine cones and teasel.

We also try not to waste anything when making our wreaths and in fact we love taking our old wreaths back (once you’ve let the birds have a go at them) so we can recycle the wire, compost the wreath (it is fully compostable) and reuse the base.

We love making wreaths all year round - Christmas, Easter, halloween, birthdays, anniversaries and above all, weddings.

Here are some of the wreaths we have created over the past couple of weeks - the beautiful velvet ribbons are from our favourite local fabric shop in Lincoln called Fabric Corner.

Beautiful Christmas wreath with lots of foliage

Do get in touch if you're getting married in Lincoln and you'd like to discuss your wedding flowers.


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