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Why a celebrant-led wedding is a really great idea

Two brides, one is blonde and one is brunette, being married by a woman in a pink suit. There is a floral arrangement on the fireplace behind them.
Photo: Steven Haddock

by Isabelle Soo-Banham

The essential online wedding planner Hitched, has come up with a report on the biggest trends for 2024. Number 1, unsurprisingly, is a celebrant-led wedding ceremony. They have found a 49% increase in the search volume for ‘celebrant weddings’. It makes sense for this trend to be growing; once you see one, you never forget it, and more, you want it!

Reflecting on our own celebrant-led wedding

As mine and Jess’ first wedding anniversary approaches, I find myself reflecting on that magical day! We had such a wonderful time. It was exactly as we’d hoped for - relaxed and with a real emphasis on comfort, fun and laughter. At the heart of it all was a celebrant-led ceremony which set that very tone for the whole event.

Our fab friend, Chloe, mentioned she’d love to marry us. We looked into it and it seemed super simple. We booked to have a registry office wedding a few weeks before our official day. With just two witnesses, this option was not only cost-effective but also beautifully intimate. Our registry office ceremony took place in the picturesque setting of uphill Lincoln, near the Collection Art Gallery. It meant we were then set for our ‘true’ wedding day where Chlo could stand up in front of all the most important people in our lives to tell our story and marry us.

Prior to our wedding day, Chloe had spoken with myself and Jess over a Zoom call as well as our close friends/family. She wanted to build a real picture of our journey together, capturing the essence of our relationship through the eyes of those who know us best. These conversations were more than just preparations; they were opportunities to reminisce about how we met, the quirks that define us, and all the funny things that fill our days.

Chloe's ceremony was absolutely magic

She kicked off our wedding day terrifically. Every guest, young and old instantly became wholly invested in our story, in our relationship and in what this day meant. The energy, the attention from the room was tangible. Every moment of the ceremony was interesting, funny, and sensitive. It was a true delight and probably the part of our wedding day that was most memorable to all of us.

Wedding guests all laughing at a wedding ceremony
Photo: Steven Haddock

Instead of the traditional "I do," Chloe asked us both to say "100,000% yes" - a line that Jess texted me when I asked her out on our first date. In turn, she asked our loved ones to repeat that very same line. It was a unique and lovely moment that reflected the very start of our love story - how creative and unique to us was that moment!

Getting married to the person you love is one of those incredibly special moments in your life.

So much thought and consideration goes into most other aspects of the day. It just makes sense for that same focus to be given to the ceremony. The words spoken and shared about you and your partner’s story are so treasured by everyone. Our experience taught us that these words are even more poignant when they come from someone who has taken the time to truly get to know you and your loved ones.

In Chloe, we found not just a friend, but a skilled storyteller who wove our tale into a gorgeous narrative. Our celebrant-led ceremony was the heart and soul of our wedding, a celebration of love, laughter, and a touch of the unconventional. It was an experience we will forever hold dear, reminding us that weddings are not just about rituals but about the stories and the people that make them extraordinary.

Two brides who have just married, walking back down the aisle surrounded by wedding guests who are clapping
Photo: Steven Haddock

Since marrying us, Chloe has embarked on her own journey as an official celebrant. Chloe now offers a range of services, including weddings, civil partnerships & vow renewals, celebrations of life & memorials, naming ceremonies for babies and children, and (re)naming ceremonies.

One key piece of advice I’d give any couple is to look for a celebrant you connect with. Someone who will start this day off perfectly for you.

Check out Chloe’s website if you’re looking for a tailored wedding ceremony. I cannot recommend her more highly.

With thanks to Steven Haddock for the photos featured in this post. Flowers are by Violet & Vine.

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