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What we've been up to during lockdown

With Lincoln (and the rest of the country) being on lockdown, the wedding industry has come to a halt which has meant that our plans have certainly changed. A very busy year has suddenly become a lot quieter with all upcoming weddings being postponed, however we're trying to use the time to plan and get on with some of the jobs we have been wanting to do for a while.

The benefit of technology today is that we are still able to hold wedding flower consultations and catch ups although we are definitely missing the face to face chats! Here's some of the activities we've been getting up to...

Seed sowing - we have been doing some direct sowing outside in our raised beds with flowers including Salvia, Amaranthus and Nigella. Inside we have got flowers including Cosmos, Ammi and Zinnia growing in seed trays.

Walking and gardening- our daily walk in the fields near our house and gardening have been very therapeutic for us, especially with the lovely weather we've had.

Zoom calls - we have become experts on Zoom (ha!) and have been holding video consults with 2021 wedding couples. Get in touch if you'd like to book one in.

Research - we have been spending the extra time that we have looking into ways we can move towards more sustainable floristry such as foam-free arrangements, using British suppliers and home growing as much as possible.

And most importantly, we have been nurturing our sunflowers that we are growing as part of our annual family sunflower competition organised by the current award holder, Grandma Joan.

We hope that everyone is staying home and safe, and we of course give the biggest thank you to our key workers.


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