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Sustainable wedding gift ideas

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

More and more we are seeing people move away from the traditional thank you bouquet as a wedding gift, and opting for more sustainable alternatives. Here are some ideas that we like and that will hopefully provide some inspiration.

1) Small potted trees

Small potted trees such as olive, standard bay, standard rosemary and flowering cherry can serve as a lovely souvenir of your special day, especially if you've used them in your wedding decor. With foliage being the base of many couples' floral designs it works really well. It can be planted in the garden or kept in the pot inside, for enjoyment all year round.

2) Succulent arrangements

The succulent trend is showing no sign of stopping, and is a really popular gift. They are easy to maintain, look great in any room and can be grown outside. We are using succulents more often in bouquets and buttonholes, as well as in venue decor so again, provides a nice nod to your big day.

3) Potted plants

Potted plants are great for your health and wellbeing and a great long lasting gift. Our favourites to give garden lovers are hellebores, hydrangeas and peonies, and for someone who enjoys having house plants, we would suggest peace lily, palms and maidenhair fern.

4) Herbs

Herbs are used in all of our floral arrangements for their gorgeous fragrance and symbolism. They make a great sustainable gift for a keen gardener or chef! Our go-tos are rosemary, parsley and lavender.

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