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Spring bridal shoot

For the Spring wedding fair at Doddington Hall we wanted to go for something simple, rustic and handpicked - one of our favourite wedding floristry looks. Here are some closer shots at what we created, kindly modelled by Jess.

We loved this beautiful, wild bouquet. It's such a lush arrangement with a mix of foliage including Eucalyptus, Spirea Arguta (also known as Bridal Wreath), Pussy Willow, Ammi, Moluccella, Scillia and Scabiosa Stellata. We then added two varieties of Roses - a deep dark velvety Black Baccara and a pink Lullaby Rose.

The natural arch was created using branches from silver birch trees, which we had collected whilst walking our dogs (the benefit of being surrounded by fields!). We buried them into zinc buckets of sand and then covered the base with moss before planting with Snowdrops and Puschkinia Scilloides.

We used the same foliage and flowers as were used in the bouquet for the floral decoration in the corner of the arch, but also added Skimmia and Boxus. And before attaching the arrangement we draped some ivy over the branches.

And finally, the gorgeous headband - we love seeing a bride with flowers in her hair. This is a simple arrangement of Rosemary and Daphne. Daphne is such a delicate and pretty flower which smells incredible and has been making the whole garden smell beautiful.


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