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Real wedding: Danielle & Paul

Photo of Danielle and Paul walking down the aisle. Danielle is holding her wedding bouquet

We were thrilled to be a part of Danielle's unique and beautiful wedding - it was a real first for us. She had a clear vision for her florals, which included extravagant blooms arranged in avant-garde bouquets and arrangements. The result was stunning, with the contrast between the rigidly structured orchids and anthuriums next to the soft and romantic peonies and hydrangeas creating a beautiful juxtaposition. We added airy grasses, scabiosa, and russian sage to give the arrangements a sense of flow and movement.

The bouquet

We initially attempted to create this bouquet as a hand-tied but it did not give us the desired effect. In this case, we decided to use bouquet holders. It allowed us to achieve the look we wanted but in the future, we would strive to use a different technique for bouquets of this nature.

Sarah Bernhardt Peony

Annabelle Hydrangea







Perovskia (russian sage)



Table decor

Photo of a long top table with three floral arrangements

Danielle and Paul wanted bold and dramatic arrangements to fill their spacious tipi. Color and shape were key in these designs. We used a range of textures to create visual interest and striking shadows. A significant amount of pampas grass (which was provided by Danielle) was incorporated to add height and texture to the arrangements.


Greenery heavy arrangements



Verbena Bonariensis


Papaver seed head



Russian sage

Broken arch

Photo of a tipi tent with a seating plan and a broken arch

Photo taken by Violet & Vine

At Violet & Vine, we have a variety of stands that can be used to create full or partial arches as a welcoming entrance to your reception or ceremony. These stands can also be used to frame the newlyweds during their marriage ceremony or reception meal. This particular arch was constructed using a large quantity of pampas grass (provided by Danielle), which added a unique and stylish touch.






Papaver seed head




A little different to our usuals in order to complement the tropical feel of our major flower players.

Soft ruscus


Palm Leaf

Aralia Leaf

Fatsia Leaf

Eucalyptus Nicholii

Creating the floral designs for Danielle and Paul's wedding was wonderful. It was one of our most challenging projects to date because it was so different from our usual style. We had to learn new techniques and work with a variety of flowers that were new to us. Julie and I always welcome the opportunity to try new things. It keeps our ideas fresh and allows us to continue refining our skills. We have a passion for all flowers and discovering new ways to showcase them is always a delight.

With thanks to Steven Haddock for these beautiful photos.

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