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November 2020

Flower arrangement

It's been a while since we've updated this blog, with this year being so out of the ordinary and most of our weddings being postponed. We are really missing creating beautiful wedding flowers and can't wait for normality to resume.

Today I wanted to talk about what I've been getting up to in the garden this month.

I have spent a couple of lovely sunny mornings this week tidying up the garden and raised beds in order to ‘put it to bed’ for the winter. There are still so many flowers around at this time of year, as you can see by this arrangement I made.

The ‘Cafe au Lait’ dahlias are amazing, though I’d recommend staking them (something I’ve noted down for next year) as the heads are huge and it doesn’t take much for them to bend and break.


The Ammi ‘majus’ and Ammi ‘visnaga’ are breathtakingly beautiful and seem too delicate and vulnerable to be battling the cold and rain that November brings.


I sowed some Salvia ‘viridis’ or clary sage (I love the sage family plants) in blue and white a couple of years ago and every year they multiply. I love the pretty veined leaves (or bracts I think they are called) particularly of the white variety. They make a really useful foliage filler in arrangements.


I have grown and loved Nigella for years now and they never fail. The flowers come in so many beautiful pastel tones in my favourite blues and whites and their feathery bracts and seed heads are a bonus.

Other flowers I found for my arrangement were Roses, Cosmos, China aster, Salvia amistad, Verbena bonariensis, Scabious and Phlox. I didn’t add any foliage as I just wanted to make the most of all the flowers I had.

When not being distracted by picking flowers I spent the time clearing the gutters, sweeping up leaves, chopping back perennials like geraniums and alchemilla and pruning the straight branches of the twisted hazel (I use the twisted ones to decorate the house once the branches are bare but was told you have to cut down the straight ones to encourage the twisted ones).

Still a few more mornings of tidying to do as I have a few more jobs to do and there are still a lot of leaves to clear but I’ve made a start. Hopefully there will be some more lovely sunny days to come as I am a fair weather gardener!


We hope that everyone is safe and well. Do get in touch if you're getting married in Lincoln and you'd like to discuss your wedding flowers.


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