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It's getting busy...

Today we thought we'd share a little of what we've been up to this month as it's getting busy here at Violet & Vine. As a wedding florist, the winter months are always quieter for us, with lots of admin to be getting on with but it's that time of year when everything starts picking up and we love it. Here's what we've been getting up to...

• Meeting some lovely new wedding couples who are getting married in Lincolnshire later this year and next. It's great to be filling those last remaining dates for 2020.

• Having our catch up meetings for some of the weddings that are fast approaching. These are a great opportunity to discuss any changes and to go over the details ahead of the big day, so we really enjoy doing them.

• Warming up the raised beds, ready for planting seeds next month and making a start sowing seeds indoors, some of which are starting to make an appearance.

• Getting down to some serious planning for our March weddings; one at Doddington Hall - one of our favourite venues and the other at Swancar Farm which is a new venue for us.

Get in touch if you're getting married in Lincoln and you'd like to discuss your wedding flowers.


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