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In Our Garden: March

March 20th marks the start of Spring and we are so happy to see this season! Here are the flowers and shrubs which have been making our hearts happy this March.

It's so lovely to see Daffodils (Narcissus) in the garden once again. They have only just started opening up and look so beautiful against this backdrop of Heather (Erica) which has been out since last Autumn. We like to buy a pot of Daffodils when in flower and keep them indoors to brighten up the house before planting in the garden where they will flower year after year.

We mentioned Daphne in our last post as it's a real favourite of ours at the moment. It's a must have in the garden during the Spring as the scent fills the whole garden and smells divine. The flowers are so delicate and we have been using them in buttonholes and corsages, and of course in our bridal headband which we created for the Doddington wedding fair.

And finally, we had to mention the Bridal Wreath (spiraea 'arguta'). This has been a valuable shrub in the garden as in February it looked beautiful in arrangements as it was just coming into bud and this month it looks wonderful with its delicate flowers on its arching stems.


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