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In Our Garden: July

Here is what Lincoln Wedding Florists, Violet & Vine are loving in the garden this July.

First up, Cornflowers. These come in such a great range of colours and you get lots of heads from just one seed. They remind Julie of the film Room with a View.

These beautiful white Annabel Hydrangeas have burst out in a grand display. They start off a lovely lime green and then turn into a creamy white colour. They are perfect for big, dramatic arrangements like wedding pedestals but can also be split up into little pieces for more delicate floral arrangements. They need a lot of water - which explains the hydra in their name.

Sweet Peas are one of our favourite flowers because of the incredible scent. They are very short lasting but the more you cut, the more they grow so you can regularly enjoy them around the house.

Lavender is so gorgeous at this time of year and we love how it looks against the red Crocosmia. There are so many different varieties of colours that you can get, from deep dark blue to white. We bought ours from the Yorkshire Lavender Company

Achillea is a really lovely wedding flower because they are white and so delicate. They create almost a canopy effect and are the sweetest miniature little flowers. They come in lots of colours, are easy to grow and are perennials so they come year after year.

And last but definitely not least, Verbena Bonariensis. Another delicate flower in a beautiful vivid purple colour, they have a really tall stem and so wave in the breeze. We love these light and airy flowers.


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