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In Our Garden: April

Here is what Lincoln Wedding Florists, Violet & Vine are loving in the garden this April.

It's a strange time for everyone at the moment and it's important to find ways to keep calm, stay healthy (in both body and mind) and feel happy. For us, the garden does that every time. While everything else has stopped, plants didn't get the memo and they keep on growing, much to our pleasure.

We love this evergreen shrub for its glossy dark green leaves and its amazing large scented white flowers. They look beautiful in the garden and stunning in a vase or arrangement. 

This is one of our go to plants for foliage. We have three types in the garden - one green, one variegated and one red leaved. It is an evergreen shrub and grows really well here so despite cutting a huge amount for our weddings, we still have plenty with just three shrubs - the 5 year old one is about 2 metres high now. The reason we have added it to our April selection is that it has small fragrant maroon 5 petalled flowers at this time of year.

This is a small evergreen perennial (it grows back every year) plant which started flowering this month and will continue well into summer. The tiny cup shaped flower is so pretty and is such a pure white which contrasts perfectly with its light green leaves. This makes an ideal plant for centrepieces using simple terracotta plant pots.

We have both blue and white Pasque flowers in the garden - our favourite flower colours. They usually flower around Easter - hence their name - Pasque means Easter. The flowers are cup or bell shaped and are followed by the most beautiful silky- plumed seed heads - a bonus for the florist.

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