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Candlepower: Adding ambience and warmth to your wedding with candles

As wedding florists, we understand the importance of creating a beautiful and romantic atmosphere on your special day so today we wanted to share ways of adding warmth to your wedding with candles.

Candles can add a warm and cosy ambience to a space, and can be chosen in a variety of colours, scents, and shapes to match the design aesthetic of your wedding venue.

The low, flickering light of a candle can create a sense of intimacy and closeness, making it a popular choice for romantic settings. And let's be honest, the soothing glow of a candle is always welcome on a day when nerves might be running high.

Here are 4 simple ideas for using candles at your wedding:

1. Candles lit down the aisle

Line the aisle with tall, slender candles in elegant glass holders for a romantic and intimate ceremony. The way the light reflects off the wax and glass of a candle is simply stunning. Equally, a traditional hurricane lantern can provide a more rustic and cosy feel to your ceremony.

Photo of Hazel Gap Barn set up for a wedding ceremony with candles lining the aisle

2. Candles on the table centrepieces

Add some warmth and ambience to your reception tables with a few well-placed candles. You can use votives, pillar candles, or taper candles to suit your style. Colourful candles can help add colour and energy to your space.

Trestle table decorated with bud vases and lit candles
Photo credit: Steven Haddock Photography

Image of a long table with a large foliage runner and long white candles

Photo of long trestle table filled with bud vases and lit candles
Photo: Steven Haddock Photography

3. Candles in an empty fireplace

If you are getting married in a venue with a fireplace, consider using candles to add some warmth and ambience. You can place tall pillar candles in the fireplace or use a mix of votives for a softer, more intimate glow.

4. Candles in the outside areas

If you are planning an outdoor wedding or reception, candles can help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Consider using lanterns or hurricane lamps filled with candles to light pathways or outdoor seating areas. This will help draw people outside to make the most of your outdoor space.

We hope you agree that adding to your wedding with candles really does enhance the warmth and ambience of the celebrations. As wedding florists, we can help you incorporate candles into your wedding decor in a way that complements your flowers and overall design. Violet & Vine now offer a range of props to hire, ensuring you can style your day exactly as you envisaged - get in touch to book a consultation.

Thank you to Steven Haddock for his wonderful photos.


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