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5 reasons why you should have house plants

House plants are great to have in the home and are increasingly being used in weddings. As well as adding some greenery to your decor, they have other benefits which we thought we'd share...

1. It is a well accepted fact that having plants indoors can improve your well being; they bring a feeling of calm and rest.

2. Apart from producing oxygen, plants can effectively remove various toxins from our environment including formaldehyde (often found in cleaning products), trichloroethylene and carbon monoxide. These chemicals are known as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and can cause symptoms such as headaches, skin and eye irritation and nausea. Some are also considered to be carcinogenic.

A photo of our Peace Lily - before and after a clean! It's important to keep house plants free of dust so that they can grow and do their job.

3. They can help give you a better night's sleep. Plants such as lavender, gardenia and aloe vera can give off a gentle, soothing effect when placed in the bedroom.

4. House plants can help your health as their ability to humidify the air and decrease dust help fight the viruses that cause colds and coughs.

5. They can make a house feel more homely and bring a fresh feel to a room.

Some of the top house plants to have in the home are Peace Lily, English Ivy, Spider Plant, Moth Orchid, Rubber Plant and Areca Palm. We have found these easy to maintain and if you look after them, you'll have them for years!


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