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5 great ways to use dried flowers

As wedding florists, we always have some flowers leftover after a wedding and as we like to avoid waste as much as possible, we try to up cycle our faded blooms. Dried flowers are a great way to have floral arrangements all year round. They have a long lasting beauty with a wonderful vintage hue. Here are 5 ways in which you can enjoy dried flowers around the home...

1) As a hanging decoration

As great lovers of all things shaker, we're a big fan of a peg rail and dried flowers look beautiful hanging from one.

2) Confetti/ Pot Pourri

Most wedding venues now ask for biodegradable confetti, making dried petals the perfect option. We really like using white and pink rose petals, but for couples who want a touch of blue at their wedding we love the vivid blue of cornflowers and delphiniums. Even if you're not getting married adding essential oils and lavender petals, creates the perfect pot pourri around the house.

3) In a vase or bottle

Certain flowers dry so well that they can be used for years as vase arrangements which is a really cost effective way of having flowers in the home. Our favourite for this are hydrangeas; the photo shown is of hydrangea heads that we've had for seven years.

4) As part of a wreath

Wreaths, both for Christmas or other seasonal celebrations are a great way to display dried flowers. They create a really wild country look and last forever.

5) As a bird feeder

Dried sunflower heads encourage birds to visit your garden for a tasty snack.

All in all, dried flowers provide both function and aesthetic value. And through drying we also get our seeds for next year's flowers!

Get in touch if you're getting married in Lincoln and you'd like to discuss your wedding flowers.


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