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5 facts you might not know about roses

A simple jug arrangement with red roses and box foliage by Lincoln florist, Violet & Vine

To celebrate it being Valentine's Day on Thursday, we thought we would share five facts about the iconic rose.

1. Say it with roses! The number of roses that you send to your loved one can mean different things - the traditional bouquet of a dozen Red Roses signifies your love for the twelve months of the year but if you want to be extra extravagant you can send 24 Red Roses which correlates to 24 hours of the day. A single Red Rose can be just as meaningful, telling your lover that they are the only one for you.

2. The colour of the Rose is also significant. Whilst red symbolises love and desire, a lavender rose can mean love a first sight whereas the yellow and coral roses mean friendship. A pink rose signifies happiness and a white rose means a new beginning which is why they are often used for weddings and also sent to new parents. So if you fancy moving away from the traditional dozen red roses, you could send a variety of coloured roses and it would still carry a lovely meaning.

3. According to fossil evidence, the Rose is 35 million years old!

4. Rose hip oil is a real treat for your skin and can help to soothe and help rosacea but you can also make rose hip syrup yourself, which is something we have done at Violet & Vine. It's very easy to make and truly delicious with the added benefits of being anti-inflammatory and having 20 times the vitamin C of oranges, weight for weight.

5. Not a fan of roses? Send a bunch of red tulips instead as they are also seen as a declaration of love.

We hope you learnt something new about the beautiful rose. Our favourite supplier for wedding flowers is David Austin because of their amazing scent. If you prefer something longer lasting, you could buy a rose bush - the Royal William is a Hybrid Tea Rose (the classically shaped Rose), Etoile De Hollande is a Climbing Rose (perfect for covering a wall) or Thomas A Becket is a Shrub Rose (more informal type flowers).

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