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Spotlight on: Rosemary

Sprig of rosemary as a wedding place setting

Here at Violet & Vine we love rosemary so much that we use some in every wedding flower arrangement we make. Today we wanted to share a little more about one of our favourite plants and why we like to use it so much.

It's a beautiful symbolic plant...

The smell is amazing, it's long lasting and looks lovely, so is a perfect addition to a bouquet or buttonhole, and makes a wonderful place setting too. Another reason we like to include it is because it's a symbol of remembrance and everyone has someone they wish to remember who unfortunately can't be there on their wedding day. It's also a symbol of love, fidelity and happiness; perfect. Rosemary cuttings take easily so you could even be using rosemary from your original plant at your child's wedding one day! If you plant it in your garden after your wedding day every time you brush past it you'll think back to your wedding day.

Mostly though, we love the look especially when it's in flower. It is such a pretty shade of blue/violet and such a delicate looking flower.

Rosemary bush in the garden

Shakespeare loved it too...

It was introduced to this country by the Romans and Shakespeare mentioned it in a number of his plays.

It can be trained up the wall...

Last summer we went to The Pig at Bath and saw that they had tied their rosemary to train it up the wall. So we had a go and are really pleased with the result. It means the stems grow straighter and we are not constantly tripping over prostrate rosemary!

Rosemary being trained up a wall

It's long lasting and has endless possibilities...

A small rosemary plant costs about £2 from the garden centre, lasts for years and can grow up to 5 metres high. Of course you can use also it in your cooking and sprinkled on hot charcoal it makes your barbecues tasty too.

We also enjoy using rosemary to make natural cleaning products. We add rosemary and lemon skin / peel to white vinegar and leave it for a couple of weeks. Then filter it through muslin into a spray bottle and use it to wipe down the kitchen surfaces. In the bathroom it makes a great hair rinse. Pour boiling water over crushed fresh or dried rosemary leaves and seep for 30 minutes.Drain through a muslin then pour onto the hair after shampooing and massage into the scalp for a healthy hair treat.

Rosemary has so many uses and benefits - it really is a super plant!

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