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In Our Garden: June

Here is what Lincoln Wedding Florists Violet & Vine are loving in the garden this June.

It's been a while since we have posted on our blog but we definitely needed some floral cheer today as it's so grey and rainy outside. Is it really June?! At least the plants will be loving all of the rain...

The garden is looking beautiful at the moment and every day we'll notice a new flower blossoming. Here are the flowers that we are particularly enjoying this June.

It's always a joy to start seeing Peonies in the garden. They are quite short lived (which makes them feel extra special) and once they make an appearance it's always beautiful to see. We have white and pink Peonies in the garden and they are always popular in wedding flowers.

This type of Clematis is particularly lovely to see at the moment, especially as it is has entwined itself into the wisteria. Clematis plants need a structure to support it as it grow so the wisteria has meant that it's grown a lot further.

These Red Roses line the driveway and were here when we moved into the house. We think they must be an old fashioned shrub rose and it flowers from May to November which is lovely.

Erigeron, also known as Fleabane is a really pretty little flower and last well if cut when opened. They look so sweet against the Peonies and Lupins in the garden.

Lupin has a really strong impact in the border of the garden and besides having amazing flowers, the foliage around it is so striking especially when it rains as the water droplets glisten like jewels on the leaves - as you can see in this photo.

That's all for June - let's hope that our July post has more sunshine!

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